10 min read

Endy Bayuni

Senior Editor - Jakarta Post | On finding wisdom in a time of information, achieving unity through freedom, and advice to his younger self.

12 min read

Butet Manurung

Anthropologist, Author & Founder | Sokola Institute On learning acceptance, following a higher calling and how the indigenous teach critical thinking.

28 min read

Aleix Oriol

Photojournalist & Writer | On finding relationship with suffering, confronting truth, and his idea of perfect happiness.

12 min read

Dicky Senda

Writer & Founder – Lakoat Kujawas | On the importance of standing for what you believe in, backing words with action, and facing challenges with positivity.

19 min read

Budi Agung Kuswara

Artist & Co Founder - Ketemu Project | On the appreciating the process, knowing your boundaries, and how artists teach awareness.