Santhi Serad

Author | Founder - Kebun Bumi Herbal & Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia (ACMI) | On nurturing responsibility, developing intimacy with food, and life lessons from her father.

Andrian Ishak

Molecular Gastronomer - Namaaz Dining | On the nature of creative ideas, approaching food as an artist and musician, and the culinary arts as the ultimate multisensory experience.

19 min read

Budi Agung Kuswara

Artist & Co Founder - Ketemu Project | On the appreciating the process, knowing your boundaries, and how artists teach awareness.

33 min read

Sandrayati Fay

Singer-Songwriter & Performer | On her creative process, the importance of identity, and the role of women today.

24 min read

Ratna Odata

Co Founder - Cata Odata | On being open-minded, gaining trust, and the importance of art.